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Exhibit Hall

Our largest hall will accommodate up to 420 people.

Do you have a large event?  The Exhibit Hall is a favorite for 

Art & Craft Shows, Quilt Shows & Sales Events, Meetings,

Dinners & Auctions and more. 

This Hall includes fifteen 8-foot tables, 160 chairs, 

and a projector screen.   

The entry to the Exhibit Hall is called the Annex.  This area offers extra footage which can be used as a reception or registration area for your event.  

Need even more space?  The Exhibit Hall connects internally with the Memorial Hall (which rents separately).

Exhibit Hall entrance.jpg
Exhibit Hall view from NE Corner.jpg
View from the NE corner
Exhitib Hall view from SW corner of hall.jpg
View from the SW corner
Exhibit Hall ANNEX looking into the ExH.jpg
The Annex (just inside the main ExHall entrance) 
Cordle Wedding #2 Feb 2023.jpg
Cordle Wedding Feb 2023.jpg
ExH FFA Banquet 4.jpg
ExH FFA Banquet 6.jpg
ExH FFA Banquet 1.jpg
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