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Meet the Fair Board...

The Fair Board generally meets on the second Monday of each month in the Fair Office at 6:30 p.m. (April-Sept) and 5:30 p.m. (Oct-Mar).  The public is welcome to attend.  If you would like to address the board about something specific, call the office at 208.267.7041 and we will get you on the agenda.

Ken Goggia photo.jpg

Ken Goggia- Fair Board Chairman

Stacie Watts photo.png

Stacie Watts- Fair Board Vice-Chairman

Bert Wood photo.jpg

Glenda Poston 

Glenda was appointed by the BOCC on Jan. 7, 1997.  She is a native of Boundary County.  Glenda says her mother always worked and participated in the fair, so she feels she has been a part of it most of her life. She enjoys sewing, gardening, cooking and crafts so when the fair would roll around she always entered items that they made or grew that year.  Glenda says, "I think the week of the fair is perhaps one of the best events held within our county.  Where can you go and see so many folks, eat a variety of food, watch many free demonstration and just have a relaxing time?"

Bert Wood

Dave Wenk

photo of Dave Wenk 4_edited.jpg

Dave and his family moved to Boundary County in 2009.  He was appointed by the BOCC in March of 2023.  "I have been at the fair since we moved here, either as a fair booth participant or resident.  The fair is the gem of Boundary County.  It's the time of year you see people enjoying themselves and taking it all in!  The fair has been here for over 100 years and I hope I can contribute to keep it here another 100 years.  Thank you to all who support the fair and fairgrounds."

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