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Boundary County
Fair Royalty

INTRODUCING our Fair Royalty Applicants

2023 Fair Royalty will be announced at Opening Ceremonies

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    Hello my name is Evelynn Chaney this is my first and last year in FFA with showing swine. This is something new to me when it comes to the fair but let me tell through all my years of going to the Boundary County fair there is tons of fun and engaging activities you can do even if you aren't showing an animal! Some of these other activities can include entering an art project, baked goods, vegetables from your own garden or maybe even some yummy jams! You name it and it's pretty much a category. Our Boundary County Fair has something for everyone. This also includes some pretty delicious food from all of our awesome vendors that come down for the week, anything from shave ice to a big juicy burger. You may also be thinking what is there for the kids besides seeing the animals? Well we have many activites planned throughout the whole week that the kids will love including family fun night where you might get to take home your very own bird, with our chicken and duck scramble! Can't wait to see you at fair!

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                             The Boundary County Fair: A Small Town's Celebration of Community

                                                                                                                  By: Katie Vader

Step into the heart of a small town and experience the Boundary County Fair—an extraordinary celebration that highlights the close-knit community and the cherished traditions of family friendly games, a showcase of livestock, many locally produced products, and the warmth of a small town. Supported by locals, this fair brings together neighbors and visitors for a unique experience filled with warmth, camaraderie, a display of what our community has to offer, and a chance to view displayed handy work and skills.

At the Boundary County Fair, you'll witness the dedication and passion of local farmers and exhibitors as they proudly present their prized livestock, locally grown products, and craftsmanship. Artists, seamstress, bakers, growers, and crafters put their best foot forward by presenting the fruits of their labor and God given talent at the fair for all to perceive and be inspired by.

What makes this fair truly special is the unwavering support and hospitality of the community. As an attendee you will be embraced as part of the close-knit community that makes the fair possible year after year. It's an opportunity to connect with the locals, indulge in local treats, and witness the spirit of active community participation that defines this special event.

By far, our community is my favorite part of this fair. I have never felt such a community-oriented environment before which will make you feel included and part of something bigger. By eliminating all the big expensive rides and games and replacing it with local creativity and activities, we are all brought closer.

While the livestock can capture manys’ attention, the Boundary County Fair offers a range of experiences for everyone to enjoy. Engage in conversations with exhibitors and farmers, savor the flavors of the region, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere that reflects the true essence of a small town coming together.

Join us at the Boundary County Fair, where agriculture, community, local crafters, and cherished traditions intertwine. Experience the genuine warmth, support, and liveliness that only a small town can offer. It's a celebration that leaves lasting memories and showcases the spirit of our small town. 


Hudson Feuerstein photo.jpeg

Imagine it's Fair week (if you're a 4-H parent, your heart rate may have just risen significantly). You're at the Fair; what are you doing? You could be with friends, enjoying a scrumptious snack or delicious meal from one of the many vendors. Or, you could be admiring all the amazing creations that members of the community have entered into the Fair, vying for their chance at the elusive blue ribbon and $5 cash prize. Perhaps you find yourself at Family Fun Night, delighting in the greased pig competition, the chicken catch, the goat tying, or any of the numerous audience participation events (the tug of war being my favorite).


One activity that every Fair goer engages in at least once is visiting the animals. This timeless tradition, dating back to the original county Fairs, is the result of months of hard work from the youth of Boundary county. While the majority of these animals belong to 4-H and FFA, you will usually encounter a few open class animals as well. Most of these animals, with permission from the barn superintendent, are open to being pet and touched.


So, if you have ever wondered what a sheep feels like, head down to the sheep barn and get a chance to touch different breeds of sheep. Are you curious about milking a cow? Journey to the cow barn and observe the different milk cows; you may even get the opportunity to milk a cow yourself.


Our Fair is a time to celebrate our heritage as a community. Therefore, I invite you to come down to the Fair, bring an entry if you have one, and let's come together as a community to celebrate the bounty that our county provides us. See you at the Fair.


- Hudson Feuerstein

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